BornPrettyStore: Heart Water Decals


The ladies over at bornprettystore were kind enough to send me these heart water decals for me to review and I must say that I’m impressed! Although I did not buy these, they are super cheap and affordable and the quality is quite good for what you pay!

The water decals can be found here.

These decals come in full nail designs, but I love to be creative and transformed them into a ruffian-style manicure.

These water decals were super easy to apply and some of them were a bit big for my nails, but all I had to do was go around my nails with a brush dipped in acetone and it easily came off my skin.

There are also instructions on the back of the packaging that are super helpful to those who have never used water decals before.


These water decals are perfect for Valentine’s Day. I also added a heart stud to my ring finger, which the ladies from bornprettystore also sent to me for review.The studs can be found here.


If you shop at bornprettystore, please use my coupon code to recieve 10% off your entire purchase: BVYX31

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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