Tribal Nail Art


I don’t know about you, but I think a matte finish on a design just brings the whole thing together (it also helps you capture the tiny details better because there isn’t a glare from a shiny top coat!).

I’m super excited about this design, as well, because I got to use my new brushes from Winstonia! And, might I tell you, they’re a dream. I wouldn’t have gotten such clean lines if I had used any one of my other stripers. Although some of the lines are a little bit off, that’s not the brush’s fault, it’s mine. I simply don’t have a steady enough hand yet!


Orly – Kiss the Bride (nude base)

Essie – Plumberry (red)

Essie – Strut Your Stuff (light blue)

Essie – Bobbing for Baubles (navy blue)

Sally Hansen – Diamond Flash (top coat)

Essie – Matte About You (top coat, matte)



I had an amazing time doing these tribal nails and I’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments down below!


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